One plus One equals three

How do I even tell you that ...


OK that was easy!! 

Yesterday was the best day of my life this far. We got to hear the heartbeat of our little baby. I can't even describe the emotions we felt as tears poured down our face listening to the sweetest sound I have ever known.

God has given us a miracle. We are pregnant without any help of drugs, fertility treatments. Do you realize how amazing that is?

God has heard our cries...our family and friends prayers!

He loves us oh how he loves us!!

Valentine's Day 2014, was the best day of our lives. I know there are many more to come.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday! Without further ado everyone meet baby Lawson!


  1. Tears of joy! Happy couple and happy family and friends! Miracles are always amazing from our Lord. Joy unspeakable and full of glory!
    Love you three!

    When God sends us a miracle
    Do you bow your head and pray
    For He reached down and touched that need
    And provided you a way

    He hears and knows your deepest thought
    And listens when you call
    Oh when God sends a miracle
    You know he's given all!

    He sends His miracles every day
    In the seasons of this earth
    The dead and dying winter sleeps
    But in spring He gives new birth!

    The birds that sing the flowers that bloom
    All miracles come from Him
    Gifts He gives us every day
    To see new life begin

    Each breath we breathe each beating heart
    is a miracle from our King
    For without Him there is no hope
    Every day new gifts He brings

    (unknown poet )

  2. Such a beautiful little miracle! Can't wait to watch your little rainbow grow! :-)

  3. Congrats!!!! I love the name Lawson too!


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