It's just been us

Going into new ground during this season. Josh and I have been a Family of Two for over 6 years now. Adding a little bundle of joy has been a dream of ours for so long, and we are so thrilled.. of course that shocks you? :)

After all this is sinking in we are entering a territory we know nothing about! 

We will be a family of three in October. That is daunting. Josh and I love each other and are passionate about our marriage.

We both have talked about what our marriage will look like after the baby. 

I'm so thankful because I have so much family and friends that care and love us, I know we won't be alone in this journey!

To those who have a healthy marriage any advice for this new mom to be or maybe a book you recommend? I'm all about learning and I do realize a book cannot teach me everything but it could help! :)

Please positive comments only, this pregnant lady is very sensitive and emotional! 

Aunt LaLa


  1. You'll still love each other as much and there will more love to pass around! Babies are fun but better get caught up on your sleep now. LOL! LOve you both!

  2. I just know from my own experience that I never loved my husband more than after seeing and watching him be an amazing father to our children. Love grows through our shared experiences, including parenthood, if both participants are doing as God intends. Put God first, your spouse second, and then your kids. It will be an amazing journey of love if you follow that formula! :-)


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