I'm excited about some very cool news I got this week.

I was contacted by a organization that I stand behind to be a contributor blogger on their website! I won't say who right now but when it is released I will definitely let you know! I'm so excited about this opportunity!

We have been sharing one car for ever! And we are now in desperate need to fix this! So please pray with us as we are looking at used cars that we can not spend very much money on. And we don't have that much extra to put into it.

Also, there are some other things that we need direction on. We are trusting God to lead as he always does.

Did you know that I'm writing a blog for my counseling theories class I'm in right now? Well I am  :)

Here is the link LaLa's Thoughts on Theories

We must write a blog post for 10 different theories and therapies. This professor seems to be grading tough too, but I do enjoy his class! His humor keeps me laughing... probably because he is on the sarcastic side and as you know I am too :)

Thanks for the prayers and hope you have a great Tuesday!


  1. Awww, I will of course be praying! Let us know where you'll be blogging. The therapy blog is way over my head but it is fascinating stuff. One of the first professions I wanted to join as a child was psychology. I had to see one after my adoption and just thought it would be so neat to spend my days talking to and listening to children. I hope you guys can find a reliable and affordable car because I know it is tough being a one car family. :-)

  2. Wow, lot of new doors opening for you!!God is Good!!! I pray that the Lord gives you ALL the desires of your heart and bless you in all you do or go!! Love that you take your interest in writing after your mom and grandma!! Love you very much!!

  3. Definitely praying for you! Absolutely love your blog, Lauren, and the sketch of your super cute hubby in the side bar only makes it better :).

  4. Of course, you are in my prayers!

    It is so freaking cool that you are contributing to a blog!

    ALSO, I checked out your blog and it is interesting. I have added it to my blogroll!




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