Friday's Letters


Dear Josh,
I  Hope you know how much I love you. Thank you or for supporting me in everything I do. When it seems I'm always writing a paper, researching some statistics, writing up my contact log, preparing for a meeting, or any of the things I do in a week. I promise You and I will have some quality time this weekend. Sorry for my absence this week. Think this time next year I will be almost done with school :)

Dear job,
I really love you. And I'm excited to continue to watch this program grow.

Dear bosses,
It was a great compliment today when you wanted my co workers portfolios, organization, etc to look like mine when you present it to state Tuesday :D

That's all that folks! I'm exhausted!

Have a great weekend!


  1. So proud of you on the job!! Your an assest no matter where you work! Love you

  2. oh my! sounds like it has been a fullfilling week :) i know just how much it means to be appreciated at your job!! very thankful :)


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