True Love - 1st kiss, 1st I love You

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! YAY!! I thought I would write about Josh and I's love story. What better time to get sappy right?? Get ready for some major sappiness

I've wrote from when we found each other up to our first date so if you need to catch up you can go HERE and all the links are there!

After our long 1st date we were together every weekend. All week long I counted down the hours until I would make that drive to my grandparents house so that I could see Josh the next morning.

Our second date J walked me to the door (with some nudging from me... He would get so nervous!) and I gave him a hug.

We were on our 4th date when Josh asked me to be his girlfriend.
"So, I noticed on your Myspace profile it still says single. Do you think we can change that?"
Yes, that is how a man in his mid-twenties asked me to be his girlfriend. Even though I still kid him about it, it was pretty cute! :)

Now mind you we had only hugged.

No holding hands, no kisses.

The next weekend we couldn't wait to see each other! He met me on that next Friday after I drove in to my grandparents. When we got there we went to go watch a movie in one the guest bedroom. We had talked all week about how nervous we both were, but that very quickly we were very fond of each other. I had never kissed anyone or had held hands. So this was all very new to me. I had wanted to wait to have all my first with the man I would marry.

We turned on the movie and sat on the daybed. Josh put his arm around me. He kept squeezing me and we kept just staring at each other. I finally scooted closer and laying my head on his shoulder. I rested my hand on his chest. All of the sudden he just grabbed my hand. My heart jumped in my throat. He took a big sigh. We kept talking about all kinds of stuff. Past hurts, dreams, hopes... totally ignoring the movie.

As we were talking and sharing I looked at him and couldn't take my eyes away from his.

He leaned down and kissed me. A gentle sweet kiss.

I knew right then I was in-love with him. 

He looked at me and kissed me again and said the most beauitful thing.

"I Love You"

So yes in one night we held hands, kissed, and told each other "I Love You"

We sat there for a long time just holding one another (there may have or may not have been some more kissing heehee).

I don't think any one believes us still about what happened next but its the truth. After trying to watch 3 movies and failing we fell asleep holding each other.

I was jolted awake by his cell phone vibrating... looking at the clock it said 5 AM!!

I went to panic mode! "Josh, Josh! You have got to leave! My grandfather is going to kill you!" HAHA!

We got up, I walked him to the door..

He told me he loved me once more and gave a me a kiss then left.

It was truly one of the most sweetest nights of my life.


  1. Sweet night! I remember how cute you both were but the one time that sticks in my mind is when Jessica almost fell trying to get out the door to see him. You had to run out and stop him so Jessica could meet (approve) this man for her Lauren. Haha! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Awww, such a sweet story of first and lasting love! I felt the butterflies on that one. And you are such a naughty girl falling asleep with him at your grandparents' house and keeping him out until 5:00 in the morning. Haha! Just kidding. I really love your story!

  3. This is the sweetest thing!

    XO Lourdes

  4. Lauren, that is truly one of the sweetest love stories I've ever heard (and you know I've heard alot). I understand why no one believes the ending of that story! But I believe you because my hubby and me have a very similar story. Love it!

  5. Hey, Lauren. Found your blog from over at "Why I Love My Husband" blog hop. I was reading some of your posts before this one on how you and your hubby met. It's so interesting that many of the ways you met yours are similar to mine...I'm about twice your age, so we didn't have internet dating back then, but we did meet on a "blind date" after just a letter and phone call. You can read about it on my blog at
    Thanks for sharing! I love reading true-life romantic stories like this!
    In His Love, Ann


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