Monday, already?

This weekend flew by!

Saturday I rested all morning and then cleaned. I am starting to feel better, however, Josh is now feeling bad! But I started him on meds right away. Like I should have done. Hopefully it won't last that long!

Did you know that this coming weekend is the start of our VACATION!! YAY!

I can't wait just to take a break from everything. It will be so nice.

Yesterday was such a blast! We took our Jr High group and the couple who is on our team to Gatlinburg and a Ripley's musuem. It was so much fun and we had tons of laughs!! I will try and upload a pic when I get home. Josh took all the pics :)

Well I have tons of work and school work to do. So see ya tomorrow!!

Happy Blogging!


  1. Im so glad you're feeling better. But shoot I'm so sorry that Josh is sick now. I hate that! But thank goodness y'all will be well for your vacation. Are you doing anything exciting?


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