Killer BEES!!

Yes you read that correctly! So, last night Josh and I tackled a swarm of bees in our bathroom. I thought I had seen condensation on the ceiling. I went to BARELY touch it. It cracked. A SWARM of bees emerged. Then the freaking out took place! Josh was a bit freaked out, and when he freaks out ( my rock, passive, calm husband) I tend to really go crazy!! EEeeekkkKK!

They covered out mirror and lights. Just hundreds of them. I'm getting chills even now.

Josh has pictures, but um. I'm not posting because I DON'T want to see them! So sorry.

So at about 1am, after spraying hornet and wasp spray, we decided not to spend the night at our home. Over to the in-laws we go.

However before this we had a great weekend!

Josh, my brother, and I went to Johnson City to visit our cousin and her boyfriend. They have a new apartment. Her first place on her own!! Makes me sad! To me she is still my adorable, beautiful little cousin! (She is still adorable and beautiful!) We brought Pixel with us to play with Jess's new puppy Copper. Abby was being dogsitted by the inlaws. I missed her though!

Jess and I

We got to her apartment and it was beautiful!! This is the view of the lake that night... Loved it!

When we got there we all just relaxed. Then we went swimming! Don't know if I ever mentioned my love for swimming but I love it! 

But, um, after 2 hours of swimming we all remembered that no one put sunscreen on! And I always remember! So this was the result... 
Yep, LOBSTER! Boy does it hurt! My shoulders are still stinging 2 days later. Next time there will be no forgetting!! We still had a great time! Then Jess cooked us homemade manicotti! mMMmm!! Then a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing... boy oh boy we ate till we were stuffed! 

Pixel (Left) and Copper (right) playing! The loved eachother!

This is Josh's new goofy face ... He knew I was putting this on here :)

My dear brother! Glad he got to come!

Jess and I all grown up :(

I'm so glad we were able to go!! 

Unfortunately our trip was too short! 

Right before we left we found out that my grandmother was addmitted into the hospital. Please pray for her. They are running test. Thank you!

Well thats all for me today! (Like it wasn't enough)

Happy Blogging!


  1. aaahhhhh beeeees???? I'm actually really wanting to see the pictures. I'm weird like that though. I couldn't imagine having them swarm my bathroom. scary!!

    Your sunburn looks so painful, girl!! I've done that where I just didn't even bother and paid. the. price!
    Hope it softens soon!!!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes


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