2 months

2 months ago we said good bye
2 months ago No sweet lulibye
2 months ago my worst fears
2 months ago drawing near
2 months ago you slipped away 
2 months ago I'll never forget the way
2 months ago started my journey
2 months ago I'm still hurting

I started writing this yesterday and couldn't finish until this morning. I'm sad. I'm hurting. I'm thankful for the text and messages yesterday. They meant so much! It helped Josh and I through a very difficult day. Thank you again to the ones (you know who are) you reached out to us yesterday <3

We miss our little baby so much. And we have some many questions. However we have peace knowing that God is doing something in our lives... Even though we are suffering through this pain I pray that in some way this is going to be a testimony for HIS glory.

Until tomorrow... 


  1. It will be a beautiful testimony, Lauren! God has a very special way of blessing us through the storms. And that little one is as happy as can be sitting on the lap of Jesus. Blessings!

  2. He has a plan, I've heard you say so many times. I hate that you hurt but healing takes time. If anything good came out of the loss of your baby is knowing you can conceive. Yes, he has everything in control, it's us that are usually out of control. Let me know if you need to talk. I love you!!

  3. Thinking of you and Josh during this sad time.


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