Fridays Letters


Dear week, this has been a LOONNGGGG one. I'm glad your ending. 

Dear sickness, GO.AWAY. 

Dear Josh, only 8 days babe!

Dear Vacation, I know these 8 days are going to fly by!

Dear money, why do you disappear so quickly?

Dear Bees, I am so happy you are dead. 

Dear Baby, mommies heart has been thinking of you all week. I love you. 

Dear birth control, one more month my friend that is all. 

Dear ovaries,eggs, and sperm-  if you would ovulate correctly, drop correctly, travel correctly that would be great if you could all work as a team. I liked to be pregnant with our second baby ASAP. Thanks for your corporation. :) 

Dear Josh, I love you even when we argue. Or get frustrated. 

Thats all for this post guys!! Happy Blogging!!


  1. eww, you wrote a letter to sperm! Grosss

  2. Cute letters! I am excited to read along :)


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