Friday's Letters and FQF


Dear Friday, You came so fast! Of course that could have been I've only worked two days this week :)

Dear 4th of July, You turned out to be awesome and our first party at our house was a sucess!

Dear Husband, I'm so sorry I was all out of sorts last week and we quarreled so much. 

Dear Z, it's over. sorry. 

Dear Burkhart family, I'm so sorry for your loss my prayers are with you. 

Dear Pixel, you were so sweet to the kids. Thank you. 

Dear Abby, you are getting a little attitude as you get older. I think its adorable.

Dear family, Thanks for coming over! 

Dear Grill, You are my FAVORITE new thing! What can we grill next?? 

Dear Husband, I love you so very much. These past two days have been so awesome. I hated to go back to reality today <3

Dear Jesus, Thank for you continued love and faithfulness. 

Go link up with Ashley for Friday's Letters! They are so much fun!

1. Is love at 1st sight possible?

I think you can have a 'connection' but true love is built over time. I definitely knew there was something special on our first date!  

2. How did you choose your pet's name?

Well growing up we did cities (Denver, Seattle, Boston) and then when I was older we named them bible names ( Amos, Hannah, Abigail)... Now I'm married and its geek names (Pixel Rezo) :)

3. What are you considering giving up (cable, home phone)?

We have never had a home phone since we have been married. And cable has scarce. They aren't NEEDS so therefore the first to go LOL... and after cable * dun dun dun*  its internet... AAHhhh

4. How much do you pay your babysitter?
Well we haven't had one yet. But when I was babysitting it was $20 no matter how long, after that it was $3 an hour. Of course I was 12. As I got older it was minimum wage. I kept the $20 cover charge.
5. How "young" is old enough to babysit?

I started babysitting when I was 12 years old by myself. That wasn't until my mom enrolled me in a babysitting training class. She wanted me to be properly trained. First aid and everything. 

Happy Blogging Everyone!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Pleeease tell me you're going to post pictures from your party!?!?!?!?

  2. Stopping by from the link up - your blog is cute. Noticed you blog about pcos, something I have as well and haven't seen any other blogs with! I will definitely be coming back.

  3. Yay for short work weeks and successful grilling out parties. I love grilling out..but don't have one. That's one thing on my 'must' list when I settle down. Get. grill!

    Have a great weekend!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  4. Our daughter hosted a grilliing party at our house although we celebrated Canada Day on July 1st. Sounds like we celebrate in the same fashion


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