Monday's Weekend Update

First of all this morning I woke up hearing a faint knock on our front door... and a little girls voice "Ding Dong"! My mom brought m niece and nephew over for an early morning visit. We were supposed to be up already but Mondays are the hardest. So I got cuddles and kisses first thing this morning from my 2 favorite little people!

Friday - 
Got a call from my brother and he just got his first paycheck from his new job. (So proud of him) He asked if Josh and I wanted to go see a movie *his treat* OF COURSE!! Bro and I picked Josh up and headed to the neatest drive-thru place. Its called "Cook Out"

source google images :)
 Let me tell you. Anything you want they have - quesadllas, hamburger, onion rings, chicken fingers, corn dogs, slaw, hushpuppies, fries, shakes... on and on...
 You choose a combo for $4.37 - you get on main thing, 2 sides, and a drink. (Cool thing is the sides the entrees on the sides menu!!

Then we went to see MIB3!! Let me tell you the best one out of all 3! LOVED LOVED IT!

It was a great treat! I have the best brother!

Saturday - 
LAZY!! I slept until 10ish...I then watched some HGTV  and ate some breakfast. After that I started getting my Saturday cleaning done. Then Josh came home with a migrane (b/c he didn't eat any breakfast before he went to work.) got him a snack. While he was resting I needed to make lunch.

(Your going to be so proud!)

I cooked on the gas grill all by myself! Turned it on, lit it and everything :)
Pork Chops

They were so yummy! I made some cheesy veggies :)
Went out side and watched Pixel play and run. I worked on my Children's Church lesson

Later on I decided to give myself a pedicure... That was nice :)

After that Josh grilled some steak and made shrimp stir-fry! Yummy!

Then we played some Guitar Hero! It was the first time we have gotten to play in our house.. We were able to "rock" out because this time we didn't have people living around us :)


Got up early for church. Worship was amazing. And the kids were great in Children's church. They acted out the story of baby Moses and then we made collages of pictures from magazines of the things that protect us, to remind us that God has a plan and protects us.

After church we headed home and got a call from the in-laws to go eat :)
Then it was home where I was supposed to be studying but fell asleep for 2 hours!! It was crazy, Josh said I was snoring sleeping well :)

We made some breakfast for dinner and watched some TV

Well that was my weekend! :)

How was yours??


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Seriously, could you have gotten a more perfect wakeup?? I'm so jealous that y'all cook at home so much. How do you have that much willpower?????

  2. Glad you had a great weekend! Love that you are making new dear friends on blogging. Who knows they may Bff's become a part of our big family too. Love you sweetie, grams

  3. Why is it that lazy weekends always involve HGTV? :)

    Sounds like yours was pretty fun! Thanks for linking up!


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