What I'm Loving Wednesday... and other stuff

Linking up with Jamie!

I'm Loving that I made it to Wednesday... 

I'm Loving that in only 2 days the hubby and I are having a little get away

I'm Loving (praying) my nephew is getting better 

I'm Loving that I have the best friends and family

I'm Loving that I got to eat a breakfast burrito this morning... mmm

I'm Loving my hubby

That wraps up What I'm Loving Wednesday. I'm going on very little sleep and I have some kind of allergy thing going on. Stuffy, sinus pressure. Of course I have been extremely worried about my nephew. Please pray for Eli, he has some kind of infection in his body. White blood cell count high. High fevers. We were at the ER almost all night. He needs a touch from God. He is getting blood test results this afternoon. Thank you in advance! 

Until tomorrow, Happy Blogging!! 


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