BLAH Thursday..

I'm a slacker! a blogger slacker! lol... Yes I have been horrible about blogging. But this week children, Mrs. Lauren is back! :) Well, I guess its more for next week, Ha!

Well, this weeks I started my new class, and I loved it!! Hebrew and Christian Traditions... basically a bible study class. I love it! But there is alot of reading. Today was a ho-hum day. Lots on my mind. Some old things trying to creep back up.

I've made some commitments this year... one was to live in there here and now.  Not looking to what I could have, want, desire. Today is just one of those days where I fight it more then others. I hate feeling this way. As soon as I leave work here in just a bit, I'm going to grab me some lunch and head to hideaway where I got to think, pray, and sometimes cry. Its a place where no one knows where I go (Except Josh... just in case... of what I don't know). I love being able to go by myself and just reflect, pray and read my bible. Nothing is more peaceful then God's word. It fills my soul. I'm determined to get out of this funk...

God is amazing, always meeting our needs even when he doesn't have to. I have been watching the lady Jill Briscoe. She is so amazing! I have loved listening to her teachings. So I leave you with a couple of videos of her teaching, trust me she will crack you up!! Good stuff!

Until tomorrow for Five Question Friday, Happy Blogging!!

This is actually part one they labeled them wrong...

This is part two
On of my favorite things she says is "Holiness isn't a set of rules you have to follow because you will feel guilty if you do not, but because you LOVE HIM"... I don't follow God because I see him as a tyrant, but because I LOVE him so much, I want him to be my LIFE not just IN it....


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