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Oh my goodness!! Its already Feb 7th! Before we know it March will be here. Cray how quickly time passes by. This past weekend was the best... I only mentioned it in 3 post that Josh and I were going away for a weekend. Well last week when our little Eli got sick we didn't think that was going to happen ---you can read about that here and here--- Our trip was going to be postponed obviously if Eli was to remain in the hospital. But PRAISE God he was not... There was so much that happened this weekend. So some very funny moments! HA!

So on Friday night Josh got off we immediately left... WHOA back up, first lets talk about Lauren's CRAZY day before we left. I left work at 3. Josh text me, "I want to leave tonight" (our plan was just to drive up EARLY Saturday morning) WHAT.... I had been so preoccupied with Eli I hadn't gotten anything ready to leave. So I raced to call the hotel book an extra night, then I was like ok well Fashion Bug was right across the street from where I was I'll go in really quick to see if they have any boots for sale... BAD IDEA... my sister calls (dddrrraaammmmaaaa) so while we are discussing things and she is updating me on her latest... I'm looking at sales not realizing how much time is passing....

An hour and half later its 5:00 and Josh gets off at 7:00. I have two hours. No boots. New nighty PJS.
 ---> NOT. ENOUGH.TIME. I then realize I needed to run by ANOTHER store to get Josh some jeans (bless his heart, he had one pair he wears) Now its 5:40 because of traffic. I run into ANOTHER store because Josh forgot we still had not purchased our passes (Ripely's Ultimate Fun Pass---BEST THING EVER---- Check it out) So now it is 6:00... and I'm just heading home.

Now, I get home. I run like a mad women to pack. Making sure we have the essentials... OK done.. Now by this time it was 6:40!! Luckily my parents live close by so I run by drop off our key so they can take our sweet Abby out and feed her.... Now its 6:50.... Get in the car and I'm on my way. Get to Josh's job on time!! Yeah, that was my afternoon =) Josh gets off ...

Me: I'm exahusted
Him: Why love?
Me: You do realize that we had nothing ready.. no clothes. No passes. nothing.
Him: Oh I didn't even think about that
Me: (Busting out laughing) I love you!

Not sure what he would do without me! =) He was pleasantly surprised by his new jeans.

We arrived at the hotel around 8:30. We get into the room and it was a suite!! We didn't realize! It was wonderful! Here is a little video done by the hubs Saturday morning.
VIDEO  ... For some reason it wouldn't let me download it. So theres the link...

Alrighty I will continue our trip tomorrow! Time now for counting my blessings..

11. our fun passes
12. weekend getaways
13. jacuzzi with the hubby
14. holding hands
15. my sisters laugh
16. my phone takes great pictures
17. the waitress I met lastnight
18. my parents
19. the boots i DO have
20. corporate prayer

By the way the waitress we met last night. Brownwyn. Her husband killed himself in their back yard in November. He was obviously a very unstable person from what she told us about him. Now its just her and her 6yr old daughter. Please pray for them. They have no family. She needs to know God loves her.

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