Hidden Truth


She hesitated at the post box, not knowing if she should really send the letter. Quickly opening the metal flap and dropping the letter. She could almost hear it hit the other letters and postcards. Wondering if any of the other seventeen year old that were contacting a family they had never met. She still could see the hurt on her mothers face when she had lost her temper and said hurtful words that she could never take back. Why had she lied? Sara wanted the truth. That's all. Even after confronting her mother with what she had found, she still could not get the whole story.

After hearing at school that the senior prom was going to be themed “Blast From The Past”, Sara was ecstatic. She knew that her mothers old prom dress would fit her. Sara remember when her and her mother would drag out the photos of Sara's parents at prom. Sara missed her dad so. She was only twelve when he passed away in an automobile accident. Her mothers always said that she had that dress still some where in the attic. And that is where Sara went directly after school.

After looking through tons bins of baby clothes, old toys, pictures, and lots of junk Sara came to the conclusion that the dress was never to be found and her mother was a pack rat. Sara chuckled to her self, turning to leave something caught her eye in the far right corner. Trying to not think about the nasty crawly things that were taking up residence in the corner, she made her way over there. Something just felt odd about this dark green travel chest. Sara didn't know why could feel the hairs stand up on her neck. Brushing off her doubts she reached to open the trunk. Nothing it was locked. Sara looked around for something to open it. She remembered in one of the bins was her dads old tools, surely something was in there.

After finding a crow bar and a pair of pliers she went to work. After about an hour and almost giving up, click. It opened. Sara closed her eyes almost scared to look and see what was inside. Sara peeked, then opened her eyes. What were all these envelopes? Christmas cards? Birthday cards? Picking up one that had a big pink two on the front after reading the inscription,”To our beloved granddaughter, we hope you have a wonderful second birthday. We love you and one day hope to meet you. Love Grandpa and Grandma Newheart” Sara didn't know what to think, that was her last name. Grandma and Grandpa. Her parents said both of their parents had passed before she was born. How could they be? Sara felt her head spinning. Did she have family that she didn't know?

When her mom got home she had took all the cards,letters, pictures down to the kitchen table and spread them out. When her mom walked in the dining room she seen the blood drain from her face.

Where did, how, why?” Her mother was obviously in shock.
What is all this? Mom, please tell me the truth.” Sara begged.
I, I, we need to just put this away and let it be” Her mother walked to her room and that was where she stayed. That is where Sara's mother was when she left to mail her letter this morning.

Sara desperately wanted to know who these people were and she wanted her mother to talk to her about it. They were so close and this was breaking her heart. Sara had stayed up all night thinking about what to do. About five o'clock this morning she decided to write a letter and it took her until around seven o'clock to finish. It didn't say much, just asked if they were willing maybe to call or write. S

This was her first time making a decision that was a major one without consulting her mother. It hurt her heart, but knew this had to be done. Every day she would check the mail before her mother. Everyday was closer to finding out the truth. With or with out her mothers help. Why would they keep her away from her family? Even after her father died.... To be continued


  1. Thanks for reading my story! Yours is good. Interested in how it will end!

  2. Interesting story! I like the title you came up with too :) Thanks for stopping at my blog and reading my story!


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