Evolution and God?

One of the most controversial subjects is evolution... Evolution is a change in living organisms that change over time. (I sound smart don't I) That is the definition in simple terms. I'm taking "Intro to Biology" right now and there of course has been a couple classes devoted to evolution. The part of evolution I have a hard time with is the part where scientist say they have proven we have evolved from a chimpanzee like animal over millions and millions years. First off, it is a total contradiction to the scripture, that I put my total belief in. I believe that the word of God is the ultimate truth. So when looking at the evidence in our text books it does make me wonder... Now stay with me on this. ( Remember I believe God made man and is the ultimate creator of our universe)

This are just some thoughts I'm throwing out there... I'm not a scientist, and DO NOT pretend to be one. So after thinking on this quite a bit, what if to  populate the world God did allow some humans to evolve from chimpanzee like species. He made Adam and Eve, who then had Cain and Abel. Cain was sent to the land of Nod (Gen. 4:16-18) and it says he conceived with a wife. Who was his wife? His sister? There isn't really a clear picture of where the other humans came from.

Could it be that God created Adam and Eve, and then allowed evolution to occur. Then allowed the scientist to find the facts, but instead of making it about God and what his plan could have been, they turned it into "See there is no God". When all along God's plan was just to show us what happened to populate the rest of the world. The scientist have proven this evolution with the chimpanzee like species happened in Africa (its a theory obviously). But what if that is how God planned to populate the world?

I know you may be thinking I lost my mind. But it makes you think. After watching Louie Giglio video How Great is Our God. (I HIGHLY recommend watching). God is SOOO big. As humans sometimes we have such a narrow view.  God is so much more then what we all try to define him as.

Being raised in church sometimes makes our view very narrow and unchangeable. When in fact God is changing us all the time, If we allow him to. I have had a narrow view of God when I was younger. (i know I know I'm still a baby at -almost- 26 : p ) I do not want to put God in a box. I want to learn about him, know him, try to be/do what he created me for.

Here is another thing, why are the chimpanzee's still not evolving? When did 'natural selection' just stop with the evolution with chimps? See there are so many questions. Obviously my first reaction is because God didn't need chimps to change into humans, the world is populated with humans now =)

Why can not science and God go together? God created all the things we study in science. The way our bodies work, plants grow, animals grow and breed... so MANY things.  I know the concept of coming from 'monkey's' is not appealing by any means, but God created Adam from dirt of the ground.

God spoke the UNIVERSE into existence? There were no planets, day and night, humans, or even chimpanzee's lol .. God SPOKE them into existence.

Either all the proof they have found is fake and its a conspiracy.... or evolution really happened. I choose to think if it did, it just show how diverse God is.

These are just some thoughts. I know there isn't any mention of evolution in the bible. I have NO scripture to back this. So I'm not saying BELIEVE THIS , just what I had on my mind.

Also a side note, Darwin is created the theory of evolution and researched the theory of natural selection. At the very mention of this some Christians become irate. But if you think about it, lets say natural selection happens... ok. God had to have created the cells, alleles, organisms to act in this way of selection or "survival of the fittest". To me everything we have studied, I relate it straight back to God.

I know and believe EVERYTHING begins and end with our heavenly father. He is the creator of man and our existence. I praise him for his greatness!


  1. Definitely made me think this morning cousin! God is capable of anything so it could be possible. There are so many things i want to know. He is going to have his hands and ears full when i finally get to heaven.

  2. I totally agree! There are many many questions I have : ) Glad I made ya think :)


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