You gotta a friend in me

I love that song from Toy Story!

This past weekend was so much fun! After work on Saturday Josh picked me up and we headed out to meet up with some friends!

I have been friends with S since '05! We worked together at my very first daycare job. I haven't seen her since her wedding in '10! We live in different cities and well you know how it goes...

It was the first time we all 4 were able to hangout! As couples... is it crazy that I get so excited when we can have couple dates? instead of our individual friends? I find it extremely frustrating when we can't find a couple we BOTH like. Her J and my J seem to hit it off GREAT! Yay for that!

Of course it was like Schere and I had just seen eachother last week!

Putt putt was involved which S won!! Whew was she excited! Then some fun at the arcade! There may be a video of S and I doing some dance dance revolution... :) And I believe S got addicted to one of my favs! Of course she won over 1,000 tickets!

Looking forward to hanging out again in the near future!

Also, exciting news!! The website I'm writing for is launching tomorrow!! I'm SOOO excited to share it with you.... TOMORROW! Heehee

The Ramsay Grace Blog

A few prayer request...

1) I do not feel good... my sinuses are trying to keep me down.. boo
2) We still are looking for an automobile.
3) I'm going to an interview with one of my students today, pray I'm affective for his sake
4) My sister was diagnosed with preeclampsia and she is in need of prayers. Baby Nathan is doing fine but mom, not so much!

Staying Hopeful, 
Aunt LaLa 


  1. So glad you and Josh got to hang out with your friends. I use to love that when were young! Who are you writing for? Is it the link above?
    Anyway praying for all your needs to be met and for Kim too. Love you

  2. It sounds like you had a fun time!

    I am keeping you in my thoughts!

    XO Lourdes

  3. Oh no! I am so sorry about your sister. I'll definitely be praying for you and her.

  4. I'm so happy that being with your friend brought such joy! I love the type of friends that you can just pick right up where you left you've never been apart. :-) I will certainly be praying for those prayer requests you listed, all the while knowing that God is good, and that He can and will answer our prayers. I'm also so excited to hear about this new website you're writing for, my mind spinning with what it could be. :-) Thanks so much for linking up with Tuesday's Prayers. Hope your week is a great one!


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