He died for me...

What does Good Friday mean to you?

To me it's a holiday that comes before Easter. Honestly I think that it is so great that we have a seperate day to celebrate our Christ crucifixtion and his ressurection.

But I live my life with Christ sacrifice in my heart. I'm reminded everyday because of his ressurection I can go to into his throne room and worship him! I can ask for forgivness right where I am with out having to wait for once a year to have a high priest pray over me and sacrifice an animal... to shed the blood to make me pure again...

When Jesus died for me and for you he shed his blood... the blood that makes us new. We are alive in him! We are saved through him!!

Me, someone who fails everyday. Ignores God when he wants to talk to me. Sins when I know I shouldn't. Gossips. Lies. Doubts. Loses my temper.  ALL this and I was HIS passion!? God gave his son up for ME? Christ wanted to die for me?? I am that Loved?

I just don't think I could put into words how amazed, in awe, grateful, underserving I feel to my Lord Jesus...

I hope everyone has an Easter as never before... may we fall on our knees and give him our all... He gave HIS
Staying Hopeful,
Aunt LaLa


  1. I am also thankful He died for me. I love Easter, it reminds us of His love for us!
    Happy Easter and God Bless you and Josh! Love you

  2. Beautiful post, Lauren! Thank you for the reminder of the real reason for this holiday!

  3. Wow, Lauren! Good Friday is all about the Good News in our house. What a blessing to be able to say (and believe), "He is risen!"


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