BIG announcment!

Remember when I said that I had been contacted by a website to be a contributor blogger?

Well the website was launched today!!

 I have been following Fawn over at Happy Wives Club for some time now and love what she is doing! I actually wrote a post about her website HERE. Fawn contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in being a contributor to the website.... of course I said YES!!

You can find my first post on their website HERE! Go check it out please! And leave me a comment, share the page.

I'm so excited to be apart of this movement because ... I'm a Happy Wife! I love being married and feel blessed to be apart of this great group of wives :)

Go check out the new website and enter in a AWESOME giveaway! When I say awesome I really mean it! :) Just click the button below...
Happy Wives Club
Staying Hopeful, Aunt LaLa


  1. congrats! got to head on over and read!!! yea! i take it that you and Josh are well :)


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