Happy Wives Club

Happy Wives Club
For those who still believe Love rocks!  <----- Click here for website

Happy Wives club is a website I found through theblogfrog community. I LOVE it. It's a website devoted to women who still love their husbands, enjoy being wives, and love their marriage. There are post,questions, articles, tip -ALL kinds of great stuff!! Below is an insert from the "About" section... I encourage you to join and lets stick together and support healthy marriages!! 
Decades of the media bombarding us with visions of unhappy wives and daunting divorce statistics made me think about the rarity of my marriage and the joy I feel as a wife.  Then it hit me!  I can't be the only one.  There must be others out there who view marriage and spending time with their husband as one of the absolute greatest blessings in their life.
With this thought in mind, I've set out on a mission.  I believe there are millions of wives all over the world just like me and I'm determined to find them and give a voice to this seemingly rare woman conveniently missing from all forms of media and entertainment.
Have 'Happy Wives' somehow resorted to hiding?  Not wanting to seem too enthused about marriage because some of our friends and family members have had or are having challenges in their relationships?  Maybe it's time we stop allowing others to tell us we're a minority.  What if through this expedition we discover we're actually the majority?  Now, wouldn't that be a 'new kind of normal?'
So, here I go.  On a journey to prove joy and marriage still go hand-in-hand, the 'Happy Wife' really does exist and you and I aren't the only ones a part of this club.  And if you haven't yet joined the Club, what are you waiting for?  Join here and together let's change the perception of marriage around the world.

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Happy Thursday!!


  1. Looks awesome! Ill definitely check it out!

  2. Wow, Lauren! This was an amazing surprise. Thank you so much! I am so fortunate to be surrounding by women who adore their husbands and believe in the beauty and blessings of marriage. Thank you for joining us!


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