Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, St. Thomas...

These are the names that are swimming in my head. Here I thought I was heading into a history class and to my surprise, NOPE. Its been philosophy, ALL philosophy. The problem with this particular class is our professor is a graduate of either Yale or Stanford. Yes, she is teaching a group of older adults from East Tennessee. I'm not bashing East TN, or putting them down. But people here tend to think in a box. Small town syndrome. Not really up for new things.  If you had been in my class and seen the gaze of blank stares you would agree.

I was one of these blank stares. For one we were supposed to have read 1st and 2nd chapter. Which all together is about 100 pages 2 columns per page (The Republic, Politics). So yeah, I was completely LOST! I wasn't the only one (thankfully). So now I had double reading this week and 2 papers. (City of God, On Kingship)

I didn't think one class could make me feel so inadequate  I can't tell you how many words I have had to look up from this book AND the teachers direction on our forum we have to participate in. Geez, I need to work on my vocab! =)

Anyhow, please when you offer your request to the Lord  remember this overwhelmed, feeling a little uneducated, philosophy student...

That is all...Need to get back to my last chapter before taking on my two papers (one which is 1000 words... where is that dictionary?)

See ya tomorrow!


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