Counting Mine... and other stuff

Oh Yes another weekend has come and gone. I've gotten a lot done this weekend. It's been a nice a weekend! And I'm SOO excited about Josh and I's weekend next week! Only one week away!!

I'm doing my first One Thousand Blessings with Kate's Life...So glad I found her blog. Her candidness cracks me up! =) But before we do that...

Here is some pics of my weekend funness!

I dyed my hair! I used the new foam type dye! WOW!! Coming from Someone who has home dyed her hair many MANY many times this was the easiest!
This is the dye
Finished and styled

Josh approved and it seemed to be liked. Which I was ready to be back brown. The color was Iced mahogany dark brown.

So I was then ready for DATE NIGHT!! Yay! One of our NYR was to try different things. So we headed to Latitude 35, a restraunt/club downtown in the square. No, people we didn't go to the club it was closed and thats not our scene anyway... The restraunt was very modern. I liked it! Our waitress could have been a little more attentive, but the food was great!

I apologize for the qaulity of picture but hubby took it with his Ipod. Anyhow, this a Cajun Po'Boy (fried shrimp,Cajun mayo, Dijon mustard,red onion,lettuce) with Chedder Grit cakes..IT was tasty. I didn't get a pick of mine Boo! But I had an ultimate grilled cheese. It had white chedder, bacon, and granny smith apples on it. It was different but very good! So hooray for trying something different.

We then headed to the Mast general store, which had all of this retro candy! And some old toys from our past... Apparently Josh pitched a fit for this toy.. The Inch Worm. =)

After that it was getting a bit chill so we decided to go back home and watch a movie. Well we went to Wal-mart and got Transformers 3...Which I think is one of the best movies!!

Then of course we found a game on sale which we played today which was a blast! You definitely have to use your imagination

All in all a great date night that ended with  a movie and 2 bags of popcorn... and some yummy candy we got from the general store! =)

OK now I will count my blessings...
1. That I have an amazing church family
2. My pastors are such genuine people
3. My husband who is more to me then I can put into words
4. Abby my 9yr old Lhasa Apso
5. that I'm able to go off for a weekend with my hubby!! YAY!
6. I'm college
7. my niece and nephews
8. my grandma and grandpa
9. our car
10.our jr high kids

Thats all for now! Happy Blogging!!


  1. Love that you're doing this too!

    Jealous of your weekend away with your precious husband.

    And your hair looks terrific! I want to try that foaming colour but I have really, really, really thick hair and the only other time I colored my hair at home it was a hot mess!

  2. Great blog post Lala! Love you!

  3. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! The hair foam stuff sounds interesting. I stopped dying my hair a while ago, but it's good to know that better products are available !

    Have a great week!


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