What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Its that time again! Linking up with Jamie!

* I'm Loving that Jesus loves me beyond myself

*I'm Loving that I'm finally getting this philosophy thing and almost done with my first paper (which I should be doing right now)

*I'm Loving the my niece will be spending the night Sunday night!

*I'm Loving little surprises... Like free pizza for lunch instead of Roman Noodles =)

*I'm Loving that I'm getting one more class closer to graduating

*I'm Loving our rearranged living room. My hubby was right, it has added so much room!

*I'm Loving Monday night prayer. Its such a great thing to have that personal time with Jesus, but when we are involved in corporate time of prayer such a sweet spirit surrounds us. Love it!

Ok thats all!! What are you guys loving? 


  1. great list!

    niece time is always the best :)

    and free lunch-a bonus any day!


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