Sunday!! New Year!

What a day! We brought the New Year in with much dancing (Just Dance willbe my new game shortly),laugher, and good friends. And such sweet words from our pal Jon. Followed by prayer.

Then a wonderful service this morning!! Praise be to God! Loved worship this morning... Thanks to our wonderful worship leader following the HS the songs we PERFECT!

Ready for new commitments this year!!

A wonderful song to end this year too is one of my favs
That is exactly what we need to be singing! Yes, 2011 held many things that were not pleasant. But I never lost my praise. This year was one of those growing pain years for sure! Glory be to God, I made it. I'm better then I was in 2010, I pray to be better at the end of 2012 then I am now.

So Happy New Years everyone! And remember don't lose your praise, no matter how hard, how down, how sad, how hopeless we have Jesus... who never leaves us. <3


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