Thoughtful Thurday

Last night was such a blessing. First off  it was mid-week service. Some weeks it is a race to get there, be prepared to teach, then stay late for choir practice. But I enjoy every minute of it. There have been countless times that I have went just in a foul mood and as soon as I let go and worshiped my Jesus all was right again. I'm telling you people there is no other God like him... the peace he gives is beyond words.

Any who, our children's ministry tries to put something together every Valentines day. Usually a fund raiser type thing. This year Pastor Sharon (asst. pastor and children's director) just didn't feel released about our usual, so she messaged everyone. She posed that we as individual classes would come up with our own message of LOVE. God's LOVE. So my wheels started turning. Because J and I are team leaders over Jr.High.

After some time in prayer and thought something came to mind. A drama. From the time I was nine years old I have had a love of drama, skits, dances. I remember my very first drama. It was Ray Boltz "Thank You" ... My best bud (Mel) and I

Mel is on the Left of me =) Click here to check out her blog! Trust me , she will crack you up!

were only 9 at the time and it has stayed with me ever since. We wrote it ourselves. I can still remember almost the whole thing =) I wish we had a video of it.

Back to the point... So I decided after talking with Josh and prayer to do a drama to the song "Your Love Oh Lord" by Third Day

It  is very simple but beautiful. So last night I showed the class, we were short a couple kids but the ones that were there caught on so WELL!! I'm confident that this is going to touch hearts. To be able to be apart of this part of ministry again just over joy's my heart. No one knows the desire that has been burning in my heart  to do this again. But I just felt I needed to wait. So even if this is where it stops and I don't do get to do drama's regular like I once did, thats OK. Because I'm SO thankful for this opportunity.

Just for kicks this is the Ray Boltz song...

What are waiting on? 

So happy blogging everyone!


  1. Great idea!
    Love the fire you have for this ministry. My husband is a jr high leader and he loves it. Never underestimate the impact you are having on these young lives. Thank you for your precious service!

    1. Thank you so much Kate! That truly means alot. Sometimes your not sure your making an impact. We love those kids though. We just keep praying and leading. =)


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