What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Linking up Jamie

I'm Loving my bible study right now... temptation

I'm Loving I get to teach tonight in the Jr High Class =)

I'm Loving that Josh had an unexpected half day off with me Monday

I'm Loving our new commitments, and sticking with them

This book is amazing, Josh and I are really enjoying it! We are reading and doing the exercises every night, well we try every night. 

I'm Loving I'm starting another class tomorrow... on step closer to graduating

I'm Loving my little niece and nephews


I'm Loving that my charm bracelet is finally fixed 

I'm Loving my blog! I look forward to writing everyday when I can ;)

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

PRAYER REQUEST- I can't go into details, but please pray for my little nephew Jaysen and his mother (My sister) Kim. Thank you so much! 


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