Random and loving my J

 6.J is fervantly chasing after God and growing 
7. J always wears my favorite cologne 
8. J loves my brother as his own
9. always fixes me a drink
10. Gives me sweet kisses
Well we were iced in and declared in a state of emergency on Friday. It was a beautiful site but very very cold. This research project in my psychology class has me feeling a little over whelmed. The data, research paper, everything. I also have state coming on the 5th to monitor the grant I'm working under. EEEeeekkKKkk! All the while we have an extra dog... You know we have Pixel (boxer) and abby (lhaso)... My brother is in between living placement. So, his dog Tank (pixel 's bro) is with us for the time being... He is a sweetie. I leave this picture with you of pixel and tank cuddling


  1. The ice on Friday was a litte scary but when I found out everyone was safe home, I could breath. Of course that was later because Uncle Bill still had to go in to work! Grrrr! But home safe later in the eve, so thank you Lord!!
    Love uuuuuuuuuuuuu


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