Tuesday's Prayers

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I'm so excited to see Tuesday come. I have an amazing group of "sisters" in my life and being apart of this link up just adds to that number. Know that I'm praying for you ladies!

1. Please pray for a dear family friend. Her mother died today in a car accident. The family is obviously devastated.

2. I have stepped away from teaching Children's church and thought I will miss those youngsters I will have more time to concentrate on the lessons for our Jr High group

3. This research psychology class is a bear. PLEASE pray God gives me wisdom and I can obtain the knowledge.

4. I've had some ups and downs this dealing with this post HERE

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


  1. I pray that your class will get easier for you dear! I didn't know you stepped down from teaching childrens church but I know for sure you prayer about it and doing the right thing.

    Lord, give Lauren the ability to absorb the information to pass this new psyc class with flying colors! In Jesus Name!!

  2. I'm so glad you've linked up with Tuesday's Prayers! Your posts and comments are always such a blessing, and you make the link-up brighter just by being here. :-) I will absolutely be in prayer for those people and items on your list, and will continue to pray God's peace, protection, guidance and blessings abundant for you and your family. I just have to add that I loved your post on "what defines us" and can totally relate! So glad you shared this. Hope your week is blessed!


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