How I found true LOVE Part 2

Lauren looked over the email from her grandmother (looked something like this):


Why not try some of these website. They say they are Christian. Get out there and try something new. Maybe thats what God wants.

Well, Lauren thought why not? After looking at several websites she decided to try out - they had a personality test. They catagorized you in colors by your personality. Lauren being a psychology major this one struck her interest.

After taking this test for free they would would pair Lauren up with the colors that would suit her personality. Everyday email after email of just the guys Lauren could maybe have a realtionship with. They were a couple she came in contact with.  One who was creepy. One who was a health buff. So far this color system was not working. Lauren became discouraged.

Every day the emails would come, she would delete them. One day in July 2007 she received a message saying someone sent her a message. Lauren caught what it said right before she hit the delete button.

Lauren thought it was worth checking out. There is was a message from this guy 'JLaw' .

I like your profile :) 

Maybe he was a lawyer? She thought.

Lauren sent a message back to him

I like your profile :)

This is where it got a little tricky. You see, we were both free members. Which meant we could only choose premade messages. :)

So JLaw decided to make contact with Lauren through his about me section.

2 christ myeverything i'm at z3r0 c00l at gmail dot com. 

Their system didn't catch his message. So Lauren put her own message back.

2 jlaw i'm at username at yahoo dot com :)

So Lauren waited. And on July 16, 2007 she recieved her first email from her future husband.

To be continued...


  1. I just wanted you to give God a chance to open a door, not that He couldn't on his own. But I believe He wants us to pursue His will. Aren't you glad you didn't close the door by "delete" that the Lord had opened?!!

  2. I love that ya'll had to be sly about giving your e-mail addresses...hehe! I am liking these stories so far and can't wait for more. I'm on the edge of my seat. ;-)


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