I'm back!

Yes I'm back! Our vacation was extremely wonderful!!

I will post pics and where we went over this week! I hope you guys are enjoying reading our love story :) I will write another post for this week on that!

Something strange on our vacation though is it took a couple days for us to both relax and feel on vacation. Has that happened to you? We have been so round up tight this year that it took a couple days to 'chill'.

Once we let loose, it was a blast :) I miss J terribly today though. Having him to myself for 8 days spoiled me!

I hope you guys have had a great week!  And be looking for my first post about our vacation tomorrow!

Happy Blogging!


  1. I'm so glad you're back!!!! I wanted to check in and see how y'all were doing but knew you were MIA for the week.


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