How I found true love (Part 4)

OK Part 4 people!! Not sure how many part I'm going to be able to make. I mean are you willing to read more of this? Let me know... Don't want ya bored :)

Part 4

As Lauren looked at her phone, her stomach doing flips, she checked the voice mail. It was him. The first time she heard his voice. You could tell he was trying hard to not to put pressure on her. 

"Just call when you get a chance. No rush."

Lauren heard someone behind her. It was her mom. 

"Was that him?" 


"Well go call him back"

Instant panic filled Lauren. The what if's were swimming in her mind!

"I dont think I can"

"Lauren, its just a phone call"

Lauren remembered the last time she talked to a guy from the "web" and he was a bit strange. Ok he was ALOT strange. Plus once you have been hurt its hard to be vulnerable again.... Dating was scary! Especially blind dating.

Lauren said a prayer for strength. And went outside of her grandparents house. Sat in the grass to the side of the house. Not wanting to be interrupted or embarrassed.

She dialed the number.

On to part 5... (just kidding)

He answered.

"Can I speak to Josh"

"This is Josh"

The first thing she noticed was his thick country accent. There was so much noise in the back ground.

"Hi, this is Lauren. Sorry I missed your call. "

"Hey, sorry for all the noise I'm at Zuma. We all were riding go carts"

"Thats ok. I've never been there."

So as they continued to talk Josh found a quieter spot. They talked about general things. After about 30 minutes they ended their phone call with Josh promising to call the next day. Getting off the phone Lauren couldn't stop smiling. He was so cute and country.

The next day Josh called and Lauren was pleasantly surprised. He actually called when he said he would. :)

Through out the next few days Lauren and Josh were on the phone or texting often. After talking about 2 weeks Josh finally asked Lauren on a date.

Lauren was downtown looking at wedding dresses with her then future sister in law. And was looking and dreaming about her own wedding day. When her phone rang. It was Josh. Excusing her self she walked outside.

Josh was calling her on his lunch break.

"So the company I work for are having their annual picnic on the 4th. Do you think you would like to go with me?"

"I would love to. It sounds like fun"

After the phone call Lauren was ecstatic! She went back in the store and told the girls. Everyone was excited. In a week she was meeting her Josh. And she couldn't wait.

**Edit: After Josh and I had been dating for a while we talked about our first conversation. I said he was so country I couldn't understand some of what he said. And he said I talked to fast! LOL Its amazing that first phone call made it to a second one**

Ok guys Part 5 next or I might do another this week. We will see :)



  1. I think you need to just give us part 5, 6, and 7 all together! LOL

  2. I was praying he was just the right one for you Lauren!


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