Friday's Letters


Dear Friday, you are my last work day for 9 days! 
Dear Abby, I just love your cuteness! Thanks for the cuddles this morning :)
Dear J, Thanks for your cuddles too *thumbs up*
Dear vacation, you are here!!!! 
Dear paper, haha you didn't defeat me! 9 pages baby! 
Dear Final, I'm finding you a bit intimidating! eeEEeekkkK!
Dear August, you are the beginning of my favorite time of year!! 
Dear September, you are filled with so many exciting things! 
Dear J, I love you & am so excited about us being able to spend 7 days just me and you! 

Dear God, you are just so worthy of all my praise! I will praise you in the good and bad, because ultimately you have a plan. <3

That's it guys! My last post before vacation. I do have about 3 post scheduled for next week which I'm so psyched about!! 

Remember me in your prayers, there is so much information on this final! Thanks!! :) 

Until next time.... Happy Blogging!


  1. I am so excited that your vacation is here! I know you two need the time away. The letter to God reminds me of that song "I will praise you in the storm" by Casting Crowns. So do you feel like tackling my 15 page paper on Scalia? I have five pages done so you only have 10 more to write. ;-)

  2. happy vacation time! fully enjoy!

    Happy Friday! Drop by and say hello!


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