How I found true LOVE...Part 1

(Don't worry I'm not breaking any pact I've scheduled this post! heehee)

Hi it's me (Lauren)! :) Josh and I have a love story that was a whirlwind romance. And I want to share it with you.... I will be writing this in third person. Its easier that way and hopefully unfolds better as a story ...

Lauren was tired of the way she longed to be married. The last two years her life had changed incredibly. She by her own sheer will cut some unhealthy people from her life that she cared for. She by her own sheer will and with the help of the Lord got her GED, took her ACT, and was in college. Lauren's focus was all about what God had planned for her life. Jeremiah 29:11 was her favorite verse, the Lord had formed a plan just for. But as the loneliness creeped in day after day, Lauren wondered if marriage was apart of that plan.

More than she could count told her she was young and had plenty of time. But Lauren's heart could only feel that ache for the man that she loved. But had never met. At age 14 Lauren decided she didn't want to date and bring emotional baggage into her relationship with her husband. Or drag around with her through life. If she decided she wanted to date then it would be through much prayer before she did so. When Lauren was 18 she started a journal to her future husband. Just simple letters. Sometimes upbeat, sometimes lonely.

In the winter of 2007 Lauren, 21,  went through some testing. She was clinging and thriving in her relationship with Christ. And was for the first time sort of enjoying being single. Hanging out with friends. She was in school full time and working two jobs. Her life couldn't handle a guy anyway right?

Well here enters people trying to play matchmaker. A guy who was divorced for 4 years, yet had a two year old with his EX wife. And liked to smoke marijuana. Thanks brother for trying but that was a big NO. He played in the band with Lauren's  younger brother. He was a decent guy, but not the guy for Lauren. He is probably still with his EX wife :)

Next Enters a man from Lauren's past a man she worked with as a teenager. Lauren had a major crush on this guy when they worked together. He wasn't shy about his attraction toward her. However he had to much drama and did not the Lord.

One afternoon this man we will call him D, pulled up. Lauren knew this could be a dangerous situation. Even though she was attracted to this man she knew he wasn't the man for her. He was in her life for a couple weeks but eventually confessed that she was "too good for him".

Then after a disastrous blind date, Lauren wasn't feeling that great about her hopes in being married. So Lauren decided that the next Spring she was going to move to Johnson City and attend ETSU and continue her education. It was time for Lauren to move out on her own and on with her life.

After starting to get this plan in action... She received an email from her grandmother

Continued in Part 2.


  1. You are a tease!!!! I love it. I cannot wait to hear y'alls whole story. This is the best way to blog while you're on vacation. Oh my goodness!!!


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