How I Found True Love (3)

Hi Lauren — JLaw81 sent you a smile!


Age: 26
Knoxville, TN, USA
Ideal Match:87%
"Christ_myeverything" AIM is z3r0c00l81 [AT] aol [DOT] COM , Hi, my name is Josh, I'm not to good at this but I'll try, lol. I am a pretty down to earth guy, I'm real...

Look what I found! See where he was reaching out to me :) LOL Oh we were tricky! I just had to share this ... OK now back to the story ...

Lauren opened the email. Her heart pounding with all kinds of emotion. The email was short but ended sweet...

Ok, hope to talk to you later, you seem like a nice person.

-Dkun Josh
Lauren wrote him back quickly...

You seem like a nice person as well. I seen that your signature says Dkun Josh, is Dkun your first name? Well I hope you had a great weekend!

Hope to hear back from you,
In Christ,

From there Lauren and Josh were emailing back and forth as soon as the other one got their email. Excitement was feeling Lauren.

J: Lauren, Nah, my first name is Josh, but i am a Ordained Deacon, so i just shortened the word to Dkun, i thought it sounded good, haha!  

L: Oh ok I get it ... very clever... haha! What did you like about my profile on Christian Mingle?
J: As far as your profile, i like all of it, you just seem like a very sweet person, i really like your Favorite Verses in Jeremiah 29. if you notice that is one of mine as well,  my dad had to have surgery last Friday  and i was reading those verses to him at the hospital, I think verses like that can be a healing tool in the right situations, Ya know? If you don't mind me asking you the same question, why do you like my profile?

Oh, i guess you saw my friends request on myspace, sorry but i saw your name in your email and had to see if i could find you, hope you didn't mind...  -Josh

Lauren thought about the last email. She had seen his friends request. How did she feel about this? It was kind of forward. But she didn't get a creepy feeling like she had from previous people.

L: It seems my answer is the same as yours. Jeremiah 29 is one of my favorite scriptures. I see that on your profile. -Lauren

J: it's nice to have someone to "type" to, lol. - Josh

L: It is nice to have some one "type" to. - Lauren 

After several more emails in a weeks time Lauren gave Josh her number. And hoped he would call the next day.

He did.

As the phone rang and Lauren didn't recognize the number her heart started pounding, hands sweating...

Before she could get the courage to answer she missed the phone call...

Continued in Part 4 :)

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  1. Oh come on! I hate the suspense! Hurry up with part 4! lol

  2. You're suspense is starting to kill me.


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