Our Baby

Today I've decided I would reveal our babies name. For a couple of reasons.

First- We will be trying again to conceive and feel its time to share. Not that we could ever replace or want to replace our precious baby.

Second- We want to celebrate her and acknowledge what she has meant to us. I want to write something about her from now on and use her name.

To answer a question I know that will be asked. No we were not far enough along to know if our baby was a he or a she. However Josh and I followed our hearts. We just felt it was a girl.

We named her...

Her rock is resting with the other remembrance rocks of  babies lost. Put together by a women who suffered her own loss this year, and this was her way of healing.

Naming Hope was a beautiful but painful moment for Josh and I. We were talking about how we were going to cope and heal through this. A dear friend shared her experience and that she named her baby. We felt this was something that would help us.

As we both kind of asked each other... we both said "Hope" almost at the same time.

We both felt through this that she gave us hope. Hope let us know that we can conceive. Honestly, I'm not sure what Hope's entire purpose was/is. But one thing I do realize is she has one. For the rest of our days her little life is going to touch others through our testimony.

We first wanted to validate her existance somehow. My same friend told me about The Church of the Holy Innocents. They write your babies name in the book. And its prayed over everyday. They then mail you a certificate of life with your babies name. This helped start the healing process.

Hope's certificate. Not the best quality picture.

I'm in love with my daughter Hope. Her daddy loves her too.

So as we take this next step of healing on this journey we are at peace. We hurt, we cry, we sometimes question... But we are healing.

Yesterday I received this ...

This is Hope's heart from A Heart To Hold

This post is dedicated to my daughter Hope. Who never had to hurt. To suffer in this world. She never had to even cry, be angry. Now she is with Jesus. I know she is waiting for us in Heaven.


  1. I have been wanting for so long to ask you again what her name is but knew you'd tell us when the time was right. Such a beautiful name. I have been praying that you and Josh will get your rainbow baby next month. I thought about y'all when we walked through St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC on Sunday afternoon. I'm going to go ahead and keep sending baby dust your way because I just know that you will eventually get the baby y'all are longing for. Hope's life meant something and I am so glad that she will forever be remembered on this blog and in the gifts you have received lately.

  2. Beautiful name and a sweet way to remember that you have Hope in Jesus because Hope is with Jesus! I, too, am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason so, yes, Hope has a purpose, and she is making it known through you! God bless!

  3. This is a precious post. What is so amazing is that Hope will be one of the first to greet you, I truly believe, when you enter through the gates of Heaven!


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