1 more day!

One more day and I'm on vacation!! YAY! I really wish that this class wasn't right in the middle of our vacay... oh well!

Good news people!! I'm already on page 3 of my 5 page research paper! ** BIG SMILE **

Looking forward to next week! I will not be blogging all week. J and I have several pacts that we have made about this vacations:

2. No PS3 (unless we are playing a game together)
3. No tech support (So sorry peoples but my hubby is ALL mine next week)
4. No phones, ipods (We are saying bye to electronics)
5. Reading the bible together everyday
6. oxox's everyday (heehee)
7. Only showering together (another heehee) (TMI?? Sorry... )
8. the hardest one... NOT blogging!! eeEEeekk! I'll have so much to say by the time we get back! LOL

Thats all we have right now. I'm so darn excited!

I'm trying to set up some post for the week and I'm excited to have my first guest blog too!! Make sure you watch for it! This lady is awesome!!

See ya tomorrow!


  1. Sniff, sniff...I know I am going to miss you terribly for a WHOLE WEEK. (Slams self on floor and flails around).

    Buuuut, yay for the week y'all have planned. Seriously, that sounds close to perfect!

  2. haha love your pacts. I'm sure it won't be too hard to stay together and stay unplugged!

    Enjoy your vacation!!!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  3. Hmmmmm, this will be a test. LOL! No electronics? No facebook or blogging? No phones? Sounds like prison...haha! Not really, have a great time! Love you but ck in with us once in a while when you get out on parole. heehee. Just kidding. Love you both!! Enjoy!

  4. I'm going to miss you but so glad that you are taking a break and relaxing :)

    XO Lourdes


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