Fridays Letters


Dear Baby, Its been 3months now. My heart is healing. But I never stop thinking about you. Love you so much. 
Dear J, another vacation? Say next week? Yes? 
Dear O, E, J - Oh how Lala loves you. I'm praying for you my dears. God is with you. 
Dear Birthday, I realize your not until October... But every time I think about you I get a little nervous. (I will be 27!!)
Dear Geography, You are over!! And I passed you with a B! YES!
Dear Psych of adjustment, be kind. 
Dear J, I love you. And I'm loving our morning devotions. 
Dear God, thanks you for never failing me. 

So yes blog friends that paper I was complaining about well... I made an A!! And that comprehensive final... an A!! YAY! So I was pretty darn thankful that God was with me that night! Because honestly didn't see that coming!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! :)

Happy Blogging!


  1. I love it that you and J are having devotions. I wish gramps and I would have stared the same years ago. Now it's kind of awkward. LOL!

  2. And you never will forget your sweet baby! Don't you hate coming back from vacation and returning to the real world...yuck! Yay for good grades! Yep, God is the best! Happy Friday! :-)

  3. Hooray for your A's!!! Way to go. :)

    Hopefully you guys get that vacation next week..never hurts to keep taking them, right??
    Emily at Amazing Grapes


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