Its Labor day weekend??

I don't know about everyone else... But I'm SHOCKED that labor day is already here!


I would like to say that I have 2 new followers!! You know who are and thank you!!

I hope you realize that every comment and new follower I get gives me the biggest smile!! I truly have fell in love with BLOGGING! I want to celebrate my blog-versary. Here is my dilemma...

I've had this blog since last year. But I didn't start posted faithfully until November. However I have literally 1 post in April, 1 post in September, and 1 post in October... November I had 14 or 15.

So I was thinking that I would celebrate in November, when I became a true blogger, Yes? Let me know... I'm thinking my first  GIVE AWAY!!  I'm starting to figure out how all that works exactly.

That makes me excited.

So yesterday I received some great feed back on my post. Thank you guys for that. Truthfully it was on my heart. If nothing else on this blog you know that I'm transparent... good, bad, and the ugly not so pretty :)

I'm wondering, is there something that you followers would like me to discuss or blog about let me know :)

Happy Labor Day Everyone!! 


  1. You definitely need to celebrate your bloggaversary!!!!!

  2. Awww, just keeping writing from your heart, and we'll keep following and loving you through the journey! :-)


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