Weekend Recap with What I'm Lovin' Monday!

The Sweet Life of the Reeses
(Go over and check out Sherry's site. Such a cute family!)

I'm Lovin that I have this link up to do. Focusing on the positive is so helpful

I'm Lovin that on Saturday I had family over and we grilled out.
(Photo dump)

Eli loves his Monkey back pack. Every time he would bring it to us.  "Go" 

Is this not sweet! My brother and his babies! :)
Me and my Eli... Is he not just precious! 
Josh and his baby. LOL... there is the famous menacing Pixel :)
Grams came by. And of course had toys in her trunk! Olivia loves her Grandma
My Aunt S... Isn't she pretty? She had her grandbaby with her but I didn't get a pic. She was sleeping,
For some reason this is the only shot I got of the parents. LOL

It was a relaxing weekend. And I made it through without breaking down. Actually God gave me so much peace. I felt the prayers being lifted up on my behalf. I don't know if I mentioned this but there I will be attending a woman's retreat at the end of September. Hosted by our church. 52 women will be there. I know God is going to do amazing things. We are only 32 days away :)  I can't post too much because there are so many surprises! But don't worry you will get the pics and juicy details post retreat :)

Oh and I have a great Pixel story but I'll share tomorrow. 

Part 5 of our love story coming up Wednesday. If you need to catch up the links are under the "Mr. and Mrs." Tab. 

Have a great Monday! Happy Blogging!!


  1. Weekends and family, can't get any better than that except more family to be there. Miss Jess a lot!

  2. Awww, I love the post! Great times with family are the best...and they can really help cheer you up! Yes, Eli is definitely precious, and you can tell he loves his Aunt Lala! I'm also glad to see Pixel made an appearance in the post. Glad you all had a great and peaceful weekend! :-)


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