Day one on vacation

After sleeping in on on Monday we got ready for our day downtown. After some research I found that they were having a free concert at the historical Tennessee theater. After getting to the theater I was totally enamored by this beautiful place.

It still looked the same as it had for the last 100+ years. It was beautiful. I has Josh take several pics of me at different spots. There are some pics from the theater below.

After the concert which was amazing. Old mountain music and a performance on a pipe organ - wurlitzer. We went to the East Tennessee Museum. Which was amazing. So much history.

After that we went to the famous Pizza Palace. There was an episode on Diners, Drive in, and dives with Guy Fiero on Food Network. It was yummy!!! They are david for their pizza, and onion rings!

Get ready for a photo dump :)


  1. Love it!! Keep the recaps coming. Dying to know how your vacation went.


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