Being Gracious

I've been hurt, I've been ignored, mistreated, abused, laughed at, made fun of, unappreciated... By people in this world.

When these things happen to us and we feel "wronged" our first reaction is usually

get angry
get even
hold a grudge
be mean/hateful back

I've been guilty of this. Lately I have been feeling "FED UP". That point where you are just out of things to say, do, or be.

Somethings I've learned and God has reminded me:

1. Sometimes no matter what you do people are NOT going to change. They are used to their dysfunction and will probably stay there unless God changes them.

2. I need to remember that when I get fed up because people are hurting me that God never gives up on me. And that I need to forgive them.

3. I have to ask myself, how many times a day do I hurt God or ignore him? He never get "fed up" with me.

4. That forgiving someone means to continue to treat them with kindess. And to continue to let my hurt be healed.

5. That people are ALWAYS going to fail me. Always. But God never fails or leaves me.

6. Some people don't want to mention Hope. Probably because either they are afraid it will hurt me or it  makes them uncomfortable. But that doesn't mean her life isn't validated. She has her daddy and mommy.

7. That my heart might hurt but I will be ok.

8. I must hold on to Gods promise that he is protecting my O,J, E.

9. I am just human. I fail, fall, struggle... when I do I pick myself up and continue fighting.

10. I have to grieve in my own way.

11. I cannot take care of all my families problems, cares, hurts, burdens... I cannot change them. I am NOT a fictional super hero. That is Gods job

So thats whats on my heart today...

I'm in some growing pains. And I know that we are warring against things we cannot see (Ephesians 6:12) and with 50 women fasting and praying things are moving and there a great things ahead.

Only 28 days....

Happy Blogging!!


  1. I know some people just don't know what to say to you about our little baby Hope. I find it hard to find the right words too. I won't forget her!
    And I know what you mean in the list above, all 11. I was talking to grandpa this morning that we need to be better in our walk with Christ. He use to pray the prayer of Jabez everyday. Lord, please don't let me cause other people pain. If I have, then I ask forgiveness. Yes, we are human. We just have to strive to do better. And with God's help we can.
    love you my little super hero, Lauren.

  2. Love your blog! New follower!

    Follow me back?

    Come link up today over at my blog!

  3. What a beautiful post!! It is so our human nature to get mad and want to do something, but really the best thing to do is sit back and pray and let God work His plan out for us.

  4. Sweet words of wisdom, Lauren! I definitely know exactly how you feel about being hurt by others, and I struggle with forgiving and letting go of the anger too. God knows we aren't perfect and that we need Him! So glad we met on here because you are an inspiring lady!


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