How I Found True Love Part 6

To continue our love story :)

I'm going to finish up our first date, when he told me he loved me, enagement, and a wedding post ...probably around our anniversary in December. It is fun to reminice about our love story while we are TTC.

TMI? Sorry but you know my rule.Lets be transparent. I'm not going to pretend we aren't and I know all of you want to stay updated on our progress. So on tomorrow will be an update. :)

Starting where we left at in Part 5 (this is a tad bit longer... but our date lasted 10 hours..I know right??)

When Josh handed Lauren  the directions she couldn't help but chuckle.

"What, are they are hard to understand?"

"No,its just how many times have you heard of couples fighting over directions? And we are tackling this the first date?"

After both laughing at the irony they continued into the park. After about 40 minutes of trying to find their way they realized they were lost. Already about 20 minutes late they figured they needed to find someone for directions. However they couldn't figure out how to even exit :)

After all the driving up and down the mountainous hills Josh's car began to smoke. Apparently it was leaking power steering fluid. Then the squeaking began. (If you have never had this problem, well after all the fluid is gone every time you try to turn the wheel its screeches , loudly.) And the wheel begins to get harder to turn.

Even bigger problem: NO cell service. 

By some miracle they come up on a gas station. Josh continues to grow more embarrassed and apologizes. Lauren assured him that it was fine. Her family always had older cars and knew the problems. But Josh grew increasingly embarrassed. They headed into the gas station. He bought Lauren a drink

*By the way when he bought me that drink it melted my heart. I told you I had been surrounded by toads*

As they made it back to the car and replenshed the power steering wheel fluid they headed out again.

A miracle happened they ran into Josh's co worker and they followed him to the long lost cabin. Once at the cabin there was the entire company. Everyone was playing games and eating. A few times Lauren was asked how long her and Josh had been married, and Josh experienced the same. Imagine the shock when they found out it was their first date.

The picnic was drawing to an end and they decided to leave when one of Josh's friends left so their would be no more getting lost. As they were leaving Josh's transmission started to slip, thankfully they made it out.

One cell phone service was reached both of their phones went CRAZY they both had several voice mails and text. Both of their families were a little edge about if they were ok. Once text were answered and everyone knew they neither of them were murders. :)

Josh's mom and dad were eating at a local restaurant, they invited them to join. Lauren agreed even though she hadn't really prepared herself to meet HIS parents on the first date. Josh assured her they were friendly and he had been talking about me a lot. So they went.

Getting to the restaurant she met his parents and they were very kind. Even forcing them to eat LOL. After an embarrasing moment when his mom made him take some gas coupons from a local grocery store they left.

By this time it was around 6pm.

Josh and Lauren had laughed all day. Josh got a call from his best friend and he needed to give him something for the next day. After getting off the phone Josh asked Lauren if she wanted to go home before he has to do an errand but Lauren decided to ride along. Now, Josh's best friend was also his Pastors son. So Lauren had met the best  friend at the picnic but now she was meeting some other important people to Josh. His Pastors.

After spending some time with Josh's pastors and friend Lauren and Josh still didn't want the date to end. So Lauren had mentioned that she needed to shop for her grandfathers birthday.

It was about 7pm.

After shopping for a bit. They started their way back to Lauren's grandparents. The whole day Lauren felt like it was a whirlwind. They joked about how they had the craziest first date ever. Meeting parents and other important people, getting lost, car problems, shopping...

Pulling up they both got quiet. Josh asked Lauren if she would want to go on a second date. It was now 9pm and almost completely dark. Lauren sat there giving a chance to turn off the car and walk her to the door, but he just sat there. So Lauren said good-bye and got out of the car. 

Even thought confused by his actions Lauren still felt like she was floating. She could tell he was nervous and might have seen a twitch :) So she forgave him...

That's our first date folks! A long one but so much fun! I knew that this guy was going to be such an awesome friend and hopefully more. <3


  1. Y'all really are the cutest couple ever. I love how you just went with it and followed your heart. So many people nowadays follow "rules."

  2. I loved reading about how you all met!! So sweet and I think it's great that you put it on your blog! And that you broke it up into parts, haha!!


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