What's a Friend?

What does it mean to be a friend in your opinion?

I'm not talking your middle school friendships. I'm talk those adult friendships. The girl/guy friends you call first with good news or when you going through something.

What makes those people your true friends?

I sit here pondering this thought. Am I a good friend in my book? I may be, but what counts is that am I a good friend in YOUR book?

In my book a good friend is...

THERE. Sometimes you need word, sometimes just a hug. One thing important to me is when I a person is there through the events in my life. Good. Bad. And the ugly. When you need someone to sympathize they are there. When you are so mad they are there mad with you.

THOUGHTFULNESS. We as a couple try to practice this. But I think with friends its just as important. Texts. Cards. Emails. Facebook post. A call. Something to let them know "Hey, I was thinking about you. Honestly, I'm going to try and do better with this. The friends I see regualary I'm good at it. But the friends I don't I seem to be slack, if your one of those I'm sorry! I DO love you!

LISTEN. Did you know it is not all about you? That is a question that I've wanted to ask many times on the phone/in person/in class. And sometimes its a question I've asked myself. Have you asked YOUR friend how they were doing? Or did you instead immediately start on your band wagon of "WOE IS ME" ?

Listen at 5min 20sec! Makes me laugh everytime!

So I'm curious, what is a good friend to you??


  1. I love this! Friendship as adults is so much harder than when we were children and all we had to worry about was what game we wanted to play together. I watched my 5 year old running around with his new school friend yesterday, and I think how easy it is for him to make friends. If they can find just one thing in common (so easy for boys at this age), they are friends. With my busy schedule of being a wife, mother, full-time employee, and student, you can imagine that leaves little time for other things and people. I barely call my parents! But I have to say that I tried so hard to keep in touch with my old friends and make new ones at work, school, at my children's engagements, etc. I reached out to people over and over and over, but it is like I was the only one making the efforts, ya know? It became so disheartening that I just had to let it go. I agree that you have to be a friend to have a friend, but sometimes, it is just too hard to keep making the effort if that effort isn't returned. I hope you have great luck with long-lasting friendships!


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