Dog Trainer Magnifico!

Yes, I did! I am the first one to teach Pixel a trick!! 

Taken a couple months ago.. I couldn't find a cute recent one :)

I'm just so excited! 

#1 I was convinced she was ... dumb. Seriously people. This dog is ( as I refer to her) a menace 

#2 We have tried in the past, but let just be honest haven't tried THAT much ( I know, I know- BAD doggy parents)

#3 Because I was first! Come on who doesn't like to be first, finish first, win first prize?

I have changed my career to Dog Trainer Magnifico! 

I shall travel the world help poor doggie owners who are not as talented as I!! 

What trick you ask did I teach... well.... 

She sits and will lay down on command! YES!!! 

I know,  isn't that the MOST brilliant thing ever? :) 

I may or may not have grown a slight fondness of her... 

Oh but don't worry she ruined it by peeing in my house twice (which she hasn't done in FOREVER). We had visitors and she was a little excited. 

We have a love-hate relationship. She loves me unconditionally and I get very annoyed with her.... 

She does know a trick now... she is a little bit higher on my "LIKE" scale :) 

Enjoy your BEAUTIFUL Thursday! I hope its a great one! 


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