3 days!

There are so many things going on right now. Some I can't get into on here, and some I'm waiting for the right time (Which means when I have time to deal with the emotions)... moving on..

This morning I went on an interview... Its one of those interviews you know that this is a BIG girl job. I joked with Josh this morning that it was my first REAL adult job interview he of course chuckled. It would be working in my field. I know that God has a plan, so if you would pray that God would either SLAM the door or open it. It would be a big change. It means I would leave my job now... And I LOVE my job. However even though I've been able to grow so much in this job...but what if its time to move on... Scary stuff. To me. I don't like change.

On to other things...

I will be leaving for our women's retreat FRIDAY!!! I can not wait for some R&R... time spent with just me and God. It is no coincindence that this retreat is arriving at this time. There have been some serious warfare, I promise. Intense fasting and praying in preperation for this retreat.

I'm so excited!!!

Happy Dance!

Will see you all Thursday!! 


  1. Thinking about you sweetie. I hope everything is okay!!!! Have fun on your retreat!


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