Peace, Hope, Joy, Love

OK Friday's Letters were not the happy... I apologize. I try not to be hum-drum on this bloggy world! :)

But last week was a bear! I won't go into all the details but remember my precious niece and nephews (O, J, and E) ... Love those kiddos!

Saturday was four months since we lost our Hope. Honestly I've been so upset its almost as if my mind wouldn't let myself think about it. I don't think I have still let myself think on it. It brings up so much emotion. I will probably have some quiet time today just to think on our baby girl. However something that brought a huge smile to my face was the drawing I received from my friend Nancy.

Is that not beautiful! I got it in the mail on Saturday morning :) It was perfect timing, God knew my heart needed this.

My brother moved into his new apartment! I'm am so excited for him and this new journey. Big changes for the kids. But they are such troopers! They love Dada's new place.

E loves his dada!

Aren't they sweet!!??

Talking with Josh this morning about our devotional we came to an agreement. When we are faced with life's trials and hurts- there are two things you can do.

You can CHOOSE to try and handle things your self, sulk, and have a nice pity party.


You can CHOOSE to continue to lay all these worries, cares, hurts, disappointments at Jesus's feet. Now, that doesn't mean that a miracle happens and POOF everything is fine. But by making a CHOICE to give it to him and TRUST him you will receive ...


God is the ONLY true joy and happiness you will find. The only one who will never fail us.

Thats all for today folks!


  1. Welcome Fall and new beginnings!

  2. Here's to even more new beginnings. Good things are on the horizon.


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