Mommy, don't make me go!

I'm going to the Doctor later today, actually in about 2 hours. Even thought its just for a check up I'm so apprehensive. Not sure why? I know that I'm good, its just going to that cold white room...

Doctor comes in. Looks at your chart. You know she looks straight away at your weight loss or gain. Then she eyes your blood pressure. All while your sitting there in awkward silence. UGH!

Maybe I shouldn't have wrote about this, its making it worse! LOL

Of course they will want labs, that means blood being sucked from your body ... OK thats a bit dramatic. :)

Am I alone here? Do you have a total unrealistic view of going to the doctor?

Is this normal?

I need some one to psychoanalyze me .... besides me :)

Don't worry I will be a good girl and go... but I WILL NOT like it

I sound like a six year old... geeze

On another note I start my new psych class tonight! So for the next 3 weeks I will be SWAMPED but I will fly by.

Only 15 days until the retreat!!!

Until tomorrow, Happy Blogging!


  1. LOL...I'm with ya sister...although I feel that way about the dentist more than the doctor! Although, when I go to the doctor, while sitting in that cold sterile room....I am wondering...why am I here? They are just going to say the same thing they say all the time...and half of the time, they don't even know what is he problem! They are just guessing...and so I am throwing away money just to hear them tell me what I can find out myself by googleing it! LOL

  2. haha, I hope it went better than you thought! It is always funny when you sit there quietly as they catch up on your chart. ;)
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  3. It always amazes me that some Doctors are so intelligent but have poor bedside manner or poor behind the desk manner or No common sense. The trick is to find a doctor with skill, intelligence, good bedside manners, good training and EXPERIENCE! After all, doctors are PRACTICING PHYSICIANS. Practicing! NONE are expert!
    And let us not forget to mention find a doctor who doesn't think that they are better than their patients. Arrogance should NOT be tolerated .
    That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
    Love you Lala,
    Grams (don't mess with my Lala you rude doctor) LOL!
    You would be an asset to a doctor's practice just to be their patient!


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