Riddle me this...

Looking back at my journals (Been journaling since 12) I remember events as I am older much more differently then what I wrote down. Of course being a teenage girl it was play by play. From a simple smile from a guy to what shoes I was wearing to the concert. 

Your perception changes as you get older. Some hurtful emotions I've forgotten, but as soon as I read those words they came back. Not a fierce, but still there. Things people said, did, and didn't do. 


Why is it that some people HAVE to experience things to learn? Why can not we look at a drug addict or an alcoholic and say "I don't want or need that" 

or see someone who jumps from relationship to relationship and unhealthy that is, yet you follow the same path... 

Those are the times where I want to be like my niece and look at them saying "DUH" :)


Why is it that when bad things happen we always want to blame God?

Sometimes your suffering the consequences of your own actions! 

When bad things happen that is no ones fault, I understand the questions. I've had them my self. But like I've said before. I am not going to try and understand an infinite mind with my finite one. 

I trust him. 

Sometimes friends, life just happens. We are going to go through things. Thank God you made it through instead of being angry you went through it. 


What goes through "bad" moms minds? Those kids are gifts. That you have been intrusted with to raise so that they can contribute to society. Yet these mothers ONLY complain, nag, mistreat, neglect these wonderful children. 

Next time you get mad think about all the mothers who have lost their children to miscarriage, SIDS, cancer, disease, hunger, car wrecks, on and on. 

OK thats all for my ranting today! All these psychology classes are making me think TOO much :))

Until tomorrow... 


  1. I wish I had kept a journal from the time that I was 12 or do I wish such a thing? I don't want to remember nothing that doesn't bring a smile about my younger years when I was around 12. I must have blocked them out of my mind, except the first kiss from Danny Jones, or the new shoes my dad picked out that no way would they wear out! (oh those ugly shoes with soles so thick I was 2 inches taller than everyone else my age). Well ok that brings a smile to my face. I do remember the Easter Sunday morning that my sister wanted to fix my hair so I let her. She finished just one side with curls and to my shock she quickly stated she didn't want to fix the other side. So I had to pulled the straight side back with a clip and hoped no one would notice! Yeah, right! Or the times I made butter sugar sandwich and for dessert dry jello box, put them a paper bag and went on a picnic by myself. I could go on and on ...

  2. I think to myself all the time about how lucky I am in the grand scheme of things. I wish more people had such a positive outlook like you do.

    I'm not sure I ever saw on here and I apologize if you've mentioned it before but what are you going to school for? I mean what do you want to be when you grow up? :)


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