Sunday School Stumps

I'm on the teaching team for older elementary. Grades 3rd - 5th.

On my Sundays I always have a lesson prepared... However some tines the kids are full of questions. Nothing that had anything pertaining to my lesson. The questions that they ask someone throw me off guard. For instance...

This Sunday we were continuing our lesson on Moses. When were talking about the burning bush, and things we sometimes do not understand things that happens...

L- "I have a question Miss Lauren. When Jesus comes back for us.."

Me- "the rapture?"

L- "Yes, are our clothes going to be still here and bodies be gone? Or will our clothes go with us?

L- "what if one if my friends doesn't go, can I sneak back down here and get them?"

L- "so there is no sickness in Heaven? There is no vomit!!??"

This child had a fear of vomit. Long story.

D- "do our bodies go or just our souls?"


J- "I want to know why the people on (some ghost hunting show) find stuff? Because its real miss lauren, it is."

J- "how do we get them unstuck?"

Needles to say our Q& A wore me out :)

I love that they are asking questions. Thee burning bush would have to wait. :)

Love, Aunt LaLa
Ps. This the wreath I made for our front door


  1. Pretty Wreath! I have a question Ms. Lauren.....If there is Heaven and there is Hell, If there is East, there is West, If there is Up and there is Down, what is the opposite of Middle? LOL , just kidding, I already know the answer.. Love ya


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