I'm sorry, WHAT?!

First off, I know that almost every post (OK all of them) is about Baby Ethan... but I can't really say I'm sorry.

I had so many plans and wants about this blog. I really did. I also thought I would have cute little updates and write all this great stuff now that I'm not in school.

But seriously, time has RACED by... and I'm left here dumbfounded that I'm now officially in my third trimester (28 weeks today)! How did that even happen?

Ethan is our miracle people. I will continue to brag and glorify God! Because we are having a son! God has stepped in so many times to comfort, give strength, and even intervene. He has protected and preserved the life of our baby boy. Whom we are already in-love with! Seriously I spend probably almost an hour everyday watching my stomach move from kicks.

This is definitely a new season for me. There are so many transitions that I have faced this year.

First I'm no longer a student. I want desperately to return to get my masters but I want to concentrate
on Ethan and Josh for a bit first. But I have been trying to complete my degree since 2005. I have had several obstacles  and God has seen me through them. Once that was completed I was kind of lost. Wondering what may lay ahead. I was desperately trying to find a new job but every door was closed, and I realized that God may want to me to wait and stay where I'm at for now.

Second, becoming a mother has made me a different person. Probably not so much in my external behavior but my eternal process. I feel stronger and healthier (mind, spirit, and body) than I ever have. As a new mom-to-be I feel empowered and have a strong sense of determination about several things. I've shared a little about this here-----> first time mom: Resolution

These two transitions brought several small and big changes in my life. With growth comes struggles and victories.

So yes, these post are about Ethan but in a big way I'm writing about a journey. A spiritual journey of healing and restoration, a journey of physical health, a journey of becoming a mom...

So, I'm hoping that these words do not fail in encouraging someone or maybe spur some questions. I just know I love this blog and I value the friendships I've made through Aunt LaLa.

As always I'm here if you need me to pray, have questions, ect... Email me at auntlala25 [at] gmail or feel free to comment!

Aunt LaLa


  1. You and Josh will make great parents! I know you will have him dedicated in a house of God in front of our family and church family. That is awesome. He will have so many second mommies and second grandma's and yes, even a number of second great grandparents! It will be most an awesome day because you give him back to God and he will truly have a village to help raise him! Many prayers will cover him daily! Ethan will be blessed!


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